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Shared Hosting

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Shared Hosting – provides an overview to our visitors about the leading shared hosting services currently available on the market. The information is being updated regularly.

Using one of our highly recommend Top 10 Shared hosting sites is a guarantee for successful operation of any business using the servers, services and providers we have in mind while making sure that they are still affordable!

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Shared Hosting Services

A shared hosting service provider establishes the virtual estate for web sites on the Internet. For this particular kind of service, resources are shared as many users are located on the same server. They are seldom free, most must be booked for a fee based period. Depending on the data requirements, speed of server, memory, bandwidth, many other features as well as the level of customer service, the monthly investment varies, usually around USD5 to USD15.

There exist few services/plans for even less than USD5, but the best economical ones cost in average around USD10/month all things considered. Before deciding which plan to follow, it is important to do some Internet research and due diligence. Shared hosting solutions come in all flavors, so time must be taken to evaluate them and their companies carefully.

This web site provides hands-on information for the best shared hosting services around which are special managed hosting solutions and thus easy to operate for non-demanding Internet applications.

Hi-Tech Data-Centers

The data center is the special designated location where all the shared hosting servers usually are located. These centers come in all sizes and particular qualities. Important is that the information from the hosted web sites are always secure and the data are protected against theft of any kind, fire and power outage. Daily backup facilities and redundant servers on different locations and buildings should exist!

Top shared web hosting providers have their data centers often located right next to the back bones of the Internet, ensuring fast connectivity. This all comes at a price, but it is worth to keep an eye on all the details of the data center facilities as they do contain trusted precious data.

Gather information about those data centers is vital. Their size and type of attached backbones to the Internet provide an idea if you are dealing with the right company.

24/7 Non-Stop Customer Service

Without doubt, a friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 customer service with experts being able to answer any shared hosting questions quickly and accurate is one of the most important features of a quality company.

A good hosting company should be available at all times, such as via email, chat. phone and service tickets as it provides an important way to communicate successful towards a mutual, long lasting relationship. Nobody wants to change hosting services once a web site has been established on the Net. Hosting service provider should also be flexible and able to provide upgrade plans immediately if required.

Most clients don’t miss initially any customer service. But if needed, it will be too late to change the provider ad-hoc in case something is not working. Very likely, particular problems can’t be solved in time as nobody cares. Fast, quality customer services are seldom offered for very cheap shared hosting services.